Hey, I'm glad you found your way to my website about Teaching Children Conservation Through Art. Welcome. Hopefully it'll add a splash of colour to your day. 


Doodleswithmydaughter.co.uk™ was born a couple of years ago to showcase the art my daughter, Rose, and I had created whilst I was teaching her the importance of conservation as a toddler. I now run conservation art workshops in nurseries and infants schools encouraging children to grow up being mindful and respectful towards our beautiful planet.


Drawing, colouring and painting are great ways for young people to express themselves especially if they haven't mastered speech yet. The mind of a child is a magical place full of adventure and when translated through art, the results can be enchanting. Each and every tiny mark made - whether it’s in a workshop or at home with my kids - tells its own unique story about how we can help the environment around the world. The children and I have so much fun doing this together and I hope you enjoy looking through the doodles as much as we have done creating them.


Stemming from my workshops, since Summer 2018 I’ve helped Mad Hatter's Nursery, Greatham Village Nursery School as well Liphook Infant School and Hollycombe Primary School win their first ever Awards for Conservation. These have all been gratefully received from Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots education programme for young people. Please visit ‘Conservation Workshops’ to find out more.



I'm a creative person born with a passion for art which I seem to have passed onto my little girl. Teaching young children the paramount importance of conservation and how to look after our planet better so that all life forms - humans, flora and fauna - can continue to thrive for future generations, is something we can do through drawing and painting and is essential to the success of our being.


Nurturing the relationship between children's art and conservation is my quest. It's the sentiment behind the art that can be the learning.


My work background is in PR and I have a degree in Anthropology BSc from UCL which I found fascinating as it enabled me to focus my interests in Man’s Early Art, Conservation, Human Ecology and Primatology.

I learnt the ropes and honed my writing skills at Profile Public Relations and outside this, I continued to develop my passion for art by taking courses at London Fine Art Studios. Skills I hope will make this an enticing website for you browse.



Feel free to check out the doodles Rose and I have created together. We hope they'll add a splash of colour to your life.


I lead workshops where I

Teach Children Conservation Through Art.


"Hi Diana, Just want to say that this morning was great! The content and format of the online Conservation Art workshop on palm oil were both brilliant, and you managed to hold Darcy's attention for most of the session, which is a minor miracle on the screen (she’s a real face to face girl!). Thank you! XX"

Katie, Mum to three-year-old Darcy, Ireland




Diana Littlejohns

London, UK