• Diana

We Won an Art Contest

My daughter and I are so thrilled and grateful to have been chosen as one of the three winners of the World Chimpanzee Day Art Contest held on the social media platform, Instagram, for WCD on 14th July. With over 421,000 followers on Dr Jane Goodall's - janegoodallinst - Instagram account, our picture has already been liked by 8,730 people and that number is increasing all the time.

This new, special day for honouring our cousins has had great success in raising awareness for the care, protection and conservation of chimpanzees and we are extremely moved, delighted and thankful to have been part of it. For more information you might like to visit http://www.janegoodall.org.uk where you'll also see more of our artwork, or https://www.worldchimpanzeeday.org

#ArtContestWinners #RainbowChimpanzee #PrimateConservation