• Diana

Amazon Day (no not the website)

This jaguar, Isabella; a symbol of the Amazon rainforest - one of nature's sheer beauties - is just chilling out on a tree not remotely bothered by the Putumayo coral snake beneath her. One of these guys slithered past me whilst I was trekking through the very same jungle a few years ago and my reaction was a lot more dramatic.

Today is Amazon Day (not to be confused with the consumer website even though Google seems to favour that in its search engine) where we have a chance to celebrate how utterly amazing the world's largest tropical rainforest - 5.5 million km² to be precise – is, and to remind ourselves of how deforestation and habitat loss is endangering not only Jaguars, but all other creatures that live there too.

'People want to hurt her (they're always a 'her' with my daughter) for her fur - they want make tights and things, don't they?' my little one questions. 'More like coats,' I reply uncomfortably.

With the help of my best girl who drew the flowers, squiggles and coloured in Isabella, I sketched this and created the background with oil pastels. If you're interested in finding out more about conservation in the Amazon, you might like to visit http://www.amazonconservation.org

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