• Diana

Great British Beach Clean Up

Kicking off today and lasting until Monday (14th - 17th September) is the Great British Beach Clean Up 2018, where people all over the UK are coming together to collect rubbish from our beaches so that we lessen things like plastic going into our seas and oceans. Along with community spirit, to celebrate this awesome conservation effort my little flower and I created this landscape picture (a first for us) of a beautiful Cornish bay - you might be able to tell it's a British beach by the shade of the sky.

My daughter used oil pastels to make the sea and drew and coloured in herself with her little brother litter picking - something we're doing this weekend on the south coast. If your'e not up to much why not join us? Just visit Marine Conservation Society to find your nearest https://www.mcsuk.org/beachwatch/

#Beach #PlasticPollution