• Diana

Christmas Gift for Under £10

The World Wildlife Fund's (WFF) recent ‘Living Planet Report 2018’ has concluded that wildlife vertebrate populations have declined by sixty percent since the 1970’s - a pretty scary figure (https://www.wwf.org.uk/updates/living-planet-report-2018). But, there is still time to save the remaining animal populations if we protect their land, help educate local and worldwide communities on the situation, increase conservation efforts and put a stop to poaching.

Along with climate change, wildlife trafficking and poaching are playing big parts in the loss of animal species. As such, we’ve created an assorted pack of beautifully original greeting cards surrounding this subject for a gift idea. Drawn by me and largely coloured in by my little one whilst learning about such important subjects, these wonderful cards are made from carefully selected sustainably sourced paper. A donation of ten percent of all profit from the sale of these will go to the Jane Goodall Institute UK which is working to end wildlife trafficking.

Please visit our store for more information https://www.doodleswithmydaughter.co.uk/shop