• Diana

Happy Feet

It’s Penguin Awareness Day today and funnily enough my little one asked me to draw her a penguin earlier – quite out of the blue – so here they are. Rosie is the mummy Emperor penguin I’m told, and Poppy, the baby. My best girl explained that ‘these birds, that can’t fly, are from Antarctica and they’re endangered because the ice is melting; it’s called Climate Change and it’s really not good’. ‘No, it’s not,’ I say, ‘and we can all help make a difference by only using lights and water when we really need to.’

It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon and my daughter really enjoyed experimenting colouring in with both pencils and oil pastels, whilst learning about global warming, and its effects on, well, everything.

#Penguins #ClimateChange #AnimalConservation