• Diana Littlejohns

Doodles Online Workshops Go International

"Hi Diana, Thank you very much for the brilliant workshop earlier. Jack and Katie loved learning about the sea animals and were horrified by the plastic pollution. We’ve just watched a few videos on YouTube about it and the effect it’s having on all sea life. Very sobering. We also had a long chat about making good decisions when buying things and trying to avoid single-use and lots of packaging...They're both hoping to join your after school club in September. We would definitely be interested in any other workshops you’re doing in the meantime. Liz xx"

Even though I still occasionally get interrupted by my young son asking for random food during these times (how do little people manage to eat so much?), my workshops are being so well received in the virtual world, that I’m now running regular sessions continuing to Teach Children Conservation Through Art, online.

In the last two weeks Doodleswithmydaughter.co.ukConservation Art workshops have gone international with my teachings reaching not only the home counties, London and Ireland, but Barcelona as well.

I’m very grateful to be reading such lovely, encouraging messages from parents and carers who are happy that their children are enjoying learning about key conservation issues in a fun, gentle, creative and interactive way. As a parent myself, anything that is a break from the norm (particularly when knee deep in attempted home schooling) is a welcomed experience during these uncertain times, so to be able to help others too, even if just a little, is wonderful.

If you’re interested in joining one of my Conservation Art workshops - for children aged four years old plus - or indeed if you know anyone with kids who you think would enjoy and benefit from this, please email info@doodleswithmydaughter.co.uk .

Many thanks and stay safe. The sun is on the horizon.