• Diana Littlejohns

For Humanity

As a conservation artist I normally draw environmental concerns and endangered species. However, considering the world in which we're living at the moment, I sketched this picture and my daughter coloured it in, to wish humanity good luck during this Covid-19 pandemic (as well as to keep her busy in lockdown).

We, humans, are not endangered, but need help and support right now, so sending much love to all along with a tiny reminder that there is still a lot of hope and beauty in this life. Cherishing the simple things like listening to harmonious birdsong in the mornings is a good reminder of that, and our little feathery friends sound even more prominent and orchestral at the moment as there are currently much fewer airplanes in flight.

You might find this article below, discussing how air quality is likely to benefit from less travel, quite interesting...


Wishing you great health now and always.