• Diana Littlejohns

Sustainability Festival

Last Saturday on 8th June, I was very fortunate to have a stall at the Sustainability Festival 2019, Farnham, where our greeting cards and art prints were on offer.

Leading Conservation Art workshops with kids in the wind and rain, was not an easy task as paper kept flying away and we were continuously ducking for cover, but we managed it all the same and the children seemed to really enjoy it. I just kept telling myself that the rain is good for the vegetation and that the summer can only get better from here!

Even though I didn’t get a chance to explore the festival where there was - as I was told - a beautiful yoga area along with bee keepers with actual bee hives – I know, brilliant - fresh organic food and drink, the most marvellous cakes which I was lucky enough to sample as my mum bought me some, superb ceramics and glasswork from UCA as well as thought-provoking talks on climate change and plastic pollution, I did meet some really interesting and lovely people and had a wonderful day.

Thank you for having me Sustainability Festival, Farnham, it was a great day out for everyone, particularly those mindful of mother nature.