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Good luck Gorillas

An afternoon spent doodling with my daughter led to the creation of this pensive looking gorilla. Our new silverback friend seems to be wondering about his existence, and where that might be going.

I sketched this and, my daughter coloured in the grass, four-leaf clover, as well as the red heart. Gorillas are intriguing creatures but are also endangered, and considering that humans differ from them by only two percent in DNA, gorillas could do with a little more love and thought in conservation right now ( Funnily enough, this silverback looks a lot like my friend Dave; must be something in the genes.

As this was the first of many 'doodles with my daughter', it's also my company logo. If you'd like more info on our conservation art prints, please browse my store page

Doodle of Gorilla with heart and four leaf clover

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