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Long live Sudan

We drew this doodle last week and it seems apt to name it 'Long Live Sudan' after finding out the very sad news that the last male northern white rhino, Sudan, passed away in Kenya today.

This was actually meant to be a simple sketch with my daughter colouring in sections with her pencils, but then, quick as a flash another little person ran into the room and drew all over it with oil pastels, so we had to improvise. It then became a colourful pastel with both my little people making their marks. ‘R’ is for ‘rhino’ and also for ‘respect.’

Sudan's death leaves only two of his sub-species, his daughter and granddaughter, left alive in the world. It's tricky trying to explain what extinction actually means to a four-year-old when she's hasn't had a chance to meet one of these beautiful creatures yet, but hopefully with thoughtful conservation, love and kindness, rhinos will thrive again.

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Doodle of Rhino smashing a bottle of pills containing Rhino ingredients

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