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Unity for Endangered Species Day

Conscious of Conservation, the Royal 'power couple' have chosen to marry tomorrow, the day after Endangered Species Day today, so not only is their wedding bringing unity, but also awareness to another important date that celebrates the world's most wonderful wildlife.

‘Why do we need to look after these African animals?’ I ask my daughter. ‘Because we don’t want their colours to go away.’ Well done Rose. I love the way she thinks. ‘Why have you drawn a ring Mummy?’ my little one ponders. ‘Because Prince Harry is marrying the beautiful Meghan Markle who will then become a real Princess.’ ‘Wow!’ she exclaims and I’ve never seen eyes so bright in wonder.

I sketched this and Rose brought the animals to life by colouring them in and giving each one blue eye shadow. And why not. To learn more, you might like to visit

Endangered African Animals Royal Wedding

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