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Whale of a Time

In aid of World Oceans Day today, my daughter and I created this doodle. 'Even though you didn't scribble out the plastic when I got upset and asked you to last night, I'm going to tell my friends so that they don't put plastic in the sea. If they do, they won't be my best friends anymore,' my four-year-old tells me. Nothing says it better than this.

My best girl drew herself and her little brother - the future - swimming in the ocean forming a barrier collecting the plastic so that the Blue whale doesn't eat it. She also coloured in the rubbish and asked me to draw a pelican as for some reason she's really in to them at the moment, especially with a beak full of fish, although I thought I'd save you that. Here's to a brighter future. To find out more you might like to visit

We're also honouring the Pilot Whale found off the coast of Southern Thailand a few days ago with this picture.

This piece has also been featured on Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots website

Whale plastic pollution

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