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Plastic Pollution

One sunny Monday morning in early June, with my conservation artwork in hand, I visited Mad Hatter's Nursery to begin running some workshops Teaching Children Conservation Through Art.

Chatting and drawing with twenty-five, four-year-olds was such a wonderful experience. The children had lots of fun learning about key ecological subjects, such as plastic pollution, by colouring in and drawing themselves alongside sea creatures. Toddlers would join me in waves at the board (excuse the pun) and before dashing off into the garden sun, would repeat back to the teachers in class how plastic must not go into the ocean; it must go into the correct recycling bins.

The attention span of a four-year-old is not very long and, as I have one of my own, I knew how to relate to the children keeping them engaged and interested so that they produced some beautiful pieces of art. Thank you for having me Mad Hatter's Nursery, the children and I had an excellent morning.

This piece has also been featured on Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots website.

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