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Saving the Planet of the Apes

On 14th July 1960, Jane Goodall landed in Gombe, Tanzania, to commence her pioneering studies into chimpanzees; their behaviour, habitat and conservation, which is why the first World Chimpanzee Day is being held today ( To mark this, Rose and I drew 'Saving the Planet of the Apes' to wish our closest living relatives good luck for the future.

'Those baby chimpanzees look like my little brother!' my daughter exclaims. 'Yes, they do, especially with all their black hair. They're our cousins,' I explain. 'Ohhh.' Discussing DNA with a four-year-old is not so straight forward, but she did understand that we must look after chimpanzees; otherwise, they'll fade away – something that would break our hearts.

I sketched these endearing babies, and my little one coloured in the grass, four-leaf clover and heart with her felt tip pens.

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Chimpanzees with heart and four-leaf clover

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