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This beautiful, bounding baby elephant is the result of my attempts at keeping my daughter busy on Saturday afternoon so I could put my feet up for just five minutes. 'Muriel,' my best girl declared. 'Ah lovely,' I said. 'Is she French?' 'Yes, same as your hairdresser. And I've drawn a sun behind her too.' What an inspiring, swirly sun full of life, I ponder.

My daughter loved colouring in Muriel and took great care and precision in doing so, as well as listening to why we need to look after elephants and stop people hurting them by taking their tusks away. This psychedelic and energizing ele is a beautiful way to remember World Elephant Day on 12th August 2018. Always be on your best behaviour with these magnificent animals, for elephants never forget.

Jane Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute UK are working to end wildlife trafficking. If interested in finding out more, you might like visit

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