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Whales, Turtles and Plastic

Almost three quarters of our wonderful world - 71% to be precise - is covered in water, but unfortunately it gets polluted by eight million pieces of plastic every single day ( This causes great havoc and destruction to the marine eco system and all creatures in our oceans, so it’s something that we must address and be cognisant of from as early as possible.

As such this weeks’ nursery workshop, with new group of children, was to create art of sea animals whilst learning about the effects of plastic pollution. We were understanding what plastic is, and why it must go in the recycling bin, or where possible not used at all because if it makes its way into our oceans it hurts all the beautiful sea life.

The children were so eager and enthused to draw with me that after I’d gone around introducing myself and finding out all their names, I couldn’t actually get to the white board to start drawing as they were all at my feet! Once the class had settled, the little ones enjoyed colouring in the blue whales and turtles I’d sketched quickly, whilst listing many of the other animals they knew. One child told me that dinosaurs were 'extinct' whereupon I explained to him that this is exactly what we don’t want to happen to the animals that live in the sea, which is why plastic must go in the correct recycling bin.

I was amazed at how interested and keen the children were to learn about such an important subject, so thank you again for having me MH, we had a brilliant morning!

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