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Elephant Christmas Cards

Weighing up to seven tons, the largest land mammal on earth; the African elephant is endangered along with the slightly smaller Asian elephant ( Numbers are dwindling at alarming rates on both continents due to habitat loss and persistent poaching.

Elephants need vast amounts of land to survive so they can roam in herds consuming water and significant quantities of plant food every day ( As a result, they place huge demands on the environment and come into conflict with people in competition for resources ( But, elephants need our help to continue to survive in the future.

Along with educating local, rural communities and the world on the seriousness of this situation, we need to increase conservation efforts, protect their land and stop poaching (

With our baby elephant Christmas cards, a donation of ten percent of all profits made from the sale of these, made with my daughter whilst teaching her about elephant conservation, will go to the outstanding Jane Goodall Institute UK which is working to end wildlife trafficking. Jane's Traffic Stop is an effort to help spread awareness about wildlife trafficking and end it for good.

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To find out more about the Jane Goodall Institute, please visit

Baby Elephant with trunk up pointing at a star whilst wearing a Christmas hat. Holly at it's feet.

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