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Love Birds

It's National Nest Box Week starting today and lasting until 21st February, which is a time when we might think about putting up a nest box to encourage pairing birds into our gardens.

House sparrows, blue tits, chaffinches and greenfinches - all of which come into our gardens - need shelter and warmth to nest. However, their natural habitats in little holes and buildings are becoming more sparse resulting from people clearing wooded areas and making home improvements.

Anything that might help the one in four UK birds of Conservation Concern can only be a positive thing! It would also help promote wildlife diversity whilst allowing for more beautiful birdsong in our lives. So, this Valentine's Day we're showing Mother Nature some love and have put up a new nest box in our garden.

This picture was sketched by me and coloured in by my best girl. I added a bit of oil pastel for the circulating air. Happy Valentine's Day!

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