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After School Club Continues

"Thank you very much, Diana; my daughter looks forward to your workshops every week and says it's her favourite club!" Nancy, Zoe's mum, said.

After receiving such great feedback from my Conservation Art After School Club club for this first half of summer term 2021, I will be continuing to run it after half term, for the second half of the summer term, starting on 9th June.

Here is a list of topics we'll cover at the recurring time of 4.30 pm on Wednesdays. Please allow for the odd substitution on occasion.

- 9th June - Climate Change

- 16th June - Tusk Conservation

- 23rd June - Giraffe & Zebra Conservation

- 30th June - Sea level rise

- 7th July - Coral Reef Conservation

- 14th July - Chimpanzees with Jane Goodall

- 21st July - A celebration of wildlife in the seas for National Marine Week - free-fall art fun before the holidays!

It costs £38.50 for 1 x child (£5.50 per workshop) & £56 for 2 x children using the same computer screen (£8 for 2 x children per workshop).

To confirm a place for your child/children, please email Thank you.


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