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Awards Autumn 2019

To add some colour in these grey and uncertain times, I'm so pleased to share that I've just helped four of the nurseries and schools, that I Teach Children Conservation Through Art in, win Awards for efforts in Conservation.

Since September 2019, along with pre-schools, I've also been working with infant & primary schools running Conservation Art After School Clubs, complementing and adding to their already in place environmentally friendly ways of nurturing children. I have just helped Liphook Infant School, as well as Hollycombe Primary School, win their first Bronze Awards for Autumn 2019, received from the excellent Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots education programme for young people.

Mad Hatter's Nursery also received its second Silver, and Greatham Village Nursery School won its first-ever Bronze for Autumn 2019 too. Both early years schools are absolutely delighted and have created special areas within their nurseries to display the kid's artwork along with the award certificates.

Each establishment is so thankful and honoured for such recognition. It means an enormous amount to all of the children and staff and is a brilliant way to carry on encouraging kids to continue to be as kind and thoughtful towards the environment as life goes on.

It's clear that Conservation is key to the survival of our incredible planet and that children are the future. With all of the social distancing happening right now, spending time planting in the garden and getting kids outside in green spaces are all little ways of helping mother nature, and our sanity!

I wish you the best of luck and good health during this time. I have tremendous compassion for anyone affected by COVID-19 and hope all have swift recoveries. However, on the brighter side, it's quite interesting to think how the current climate has also given us a rare opportunity to reconnect with friends and loved ones, even if just virtually, and, of course, with the great outdoors, where possible.

I'll be utilising the virtual sphere to run some online workshops Teaching Children Conservation Through Art over the next few weeks, as a way to occupy kids whilst they learn, through creativity, about relevant and pertinent worldwide Conservation issues. If interested, further details will be posted here and on social media, so please look out for them.

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Mar 23, 2020

Inspirational - well done Diana

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