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Bear Hug-in-a-Card for Hug A Hospital

Sketched by me and coloured in by my daughter, this Rainbow Bear Hug drawing has been made into greeting cards for the - Hug A Hospital's Hug-in-a-card campaign.

Printed in house on a recycled card to save carbon footprint, a number of these greeting cards will be sent to front line workers at the NHS to lift spirits and thank them for all the incredible work they’re doing to save lives around the clock.

Did you know that brown bears are apex predators? As such, they’re great indicators of other wildlife species and how they are faring, which is why the monitoring of brown bears/grizzly bears (as they're often referred to in America) is so important in efforts for conservation (

If you’d like to get involved or like your school or your children’s school to participate in this brilliant initiative of kindness - Hug A Hospital's Hug-in-a-card campaign - email;

Due to the high demand from people seeing this drawing on social media, it's also available to buy in packs of five from my shop page;


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