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Fatu the Rhino

Happy World Rhino Day! Inspired by watching David Attenborough's latest documentary, 'Extinction; The Facts', on 13th September (available on BBC iPlayer), I sketched one of its star characters in Kenya; nineteen-year-old Fatu the rhino. Fatu is the daughter of thirty-year-old Najin, both of whom are the last two remaining northern white rhinos in the world. I had a soft spot for Fatu as she behaves like a real teenager and has lots of character, which is so endearing.

Did you know that rhinos can weigh up 2,500kgs or 393 stones which is equal to 30 men ( You wouldn't want one to sit on you, would you...! But, what would be great is to give these critically endangered animals a bit of thought, especially today.

If interested in having your own Fatu print adorn your walls, either in mono or colour, framed or unframed, please visit


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