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Greatham Considered for Global Awards

Out of over sixty-five countries involved across the globe, I'm delighted to share that this stunning Bug Hotel, created by the children - with help and guidance from the staff at green-thinking Greatham Village Nursery, Hampshire - was considered for the Roots & Shoots Global Awards.

This nursery's love of nature doesn't stop there, however. The toddlers also enjoy creating beautiful Conservation Art with me when I run my weekly workshops helping the children learn vital worldwide environmental issues in a creative artistic way, following on from ideas shared by; The pollinating bees and insects workshop I led gave the toddlers another opportunity to share the fluttering insect activity they'd been observing at the bug hotel and in the garden with the adults in the room. It was buzzing - excuse the pun - and simply superb.

Greatham Village Nursery puts enormous effort into helping the children learn about how incredible our planet is and was grateful to have been considered for this global award. Although the nursery didn't win, they are very proud of the work done by Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots and how this organisation helps children and the youth of today to learn about how they can help look after our world better now, and in the future.


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