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In Rainbows

Today marks the start of National Nestbox Week from 14th to 21st February. It commences on the same day as Valentine's Day as this is the time of year when birds begin to pair up for the mating season ( The idea is to encourage birds into our back gardens by putting up nest boxes, where possible.

Hearing birdsong in the morning is a beautiful way to start the day and considering that one in four UK birds are on the Red List of Conservation Concern, we could always show our feathery friends some love this Valentine's Day (

This picture was sketched by me and coloured in by my daughter. I had also bought my kids a new nest box for them to paint, which I then hammered into a fence in our back garden. However, I'll spare sharing a photo of this with you as to be quite frank my DIY skills leave a lot to be desired. I found a screw - #resourceful - but if only I'd realised a nail would have worked much better, it wouldn't have taken me, a) nearly so long or b), hang the way it does. Anyway, the kids think it's terrific so hopefully, the little love birds will too. Happy Valentine's Day.


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