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Jane Goodall Gives us Our Award

I'm thrilled to share that last Thursday on 14th March we collected a very special trophy for winning Mad Hatter's Nursery their first ever Award. This was from Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots education programme for young people. Roots & Shoots encourages children to implement practical positive change for people, animals and the environment by providing teachers with free resources and activities.

Stemming from the Conservation Art workshops I led in Summer 2018, Mad Hatter's was merited with a Bronze Award for that term in recognition of their contribution in achieving a better world for people, animals and the environment. Only eleven out of 2000 schools were invited along to the Awards Ceremony so everyone at the nursery is elated and deeply honoured by this and Team Mad Hatter's did a great job of showcasing the artwork along with what, and how the children are learning through it at our table in the Barbican Centre where the ceremony was held.

Teachers and parents alike continue to report back to me the real impact my workshops are having on the children, and as such, Mad Hatter's have had me back to run Conservation Art workshops on a weekly basis since Summer 2018, simply because they’ve been so positively received.

When I was a little girl Jane Goodall was a shining inspiration to me - particularly with her ground breaking work on chimpanzees - and was part of the reason why I chose to study Anthropology BSc, so for the children to have been given the Award by Dr Jane herself was a real honour. Hopefully now I'm putting some of the knowledge I learnt at uni to good use by helping future generations grow up with conservation in mind too; to protect and preserve our wonderful world and all that inhabit it.

It was the most incredible day and we thank Roots & Shoots for making it one that none of us will ever forget, but really it was a day to celebrate hope for the future as Jane says; a day to celebrate how the children of the future will be the change for a more environmentally friendly, sustainable and kinder world.

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