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Doodles Workshops Online

“My kids - aged three and six – and I really look forward to Diana’s online workshops. Amazingly, she keeps the kids engaged for the whole forty minutes. They love colouring in the beautiful sketches of animals while listening to Diana talk to them about fascinating and important facts about wildlife and conservation. She’s meticulous in making sure that she has time to speak to each of the children, and they feel involved and inspired. I also love getting involved with colouring-in and have learned a lot as well!” Emma, mum of Danial and Lila.

When lockdown began in March, I moved my Conservation Art workshops online to continue to help children learn about such important conservation issues, at a time when even at nursery level, humans are contemplating and questioning what’s going on around beautiful planet earth.

As with most things, getting to grips with new technologies and new ways of interacting most beneficially, took a little practice, as it’s a very different experience online as opposed to being present in a nursery or school with the children. As such, I’ve had to put my thinking cap on to get my head around different ways of keeping the kids engaged and really ‘with me’ on-screen, whilst simultaneously happy to learn through creativity and play.

There have been some comical moments such as my son walking in halfway through a workshop holding a kitchen knife asking me to peel an apple for him. That was quite alarming, and I’m pretty sure that any of you who’ve had much to do with children will be able to empathise!

My beloved easel collapsed behind me on-screen during another workshop (no one was harmed, and it was an old and ancient friend) which was probably another particular highlight. But, the feedback has been great, and the children love it so much that now I have a schedule to run them regularly.

“Thank you very much for the session earlier; it’s the first time I’ve managed to get mine to focus on anything for more than ten minutes. I’d be happy to sign my two up to regular paid sessions if you’re considering it.” Lindsay, mum of Ben and James.

So, I’ll continue on my mission and see where we go together. For more information on my workshops Teaching Children Conservation Through Art, please contact


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