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Mad Hatter's Spring Chorus

The children at Mad Hatter's Nursery School have had an excellent start this year, covering crucial, topical issues in our Conservation Art workshops. The plight of the pangolins, the wonder of otters, along with subjects like coral reef conservation - to name but a few - have been playfully coloured in a calming, fun and creative way.

With the onset of spring, little birds begin their mating season hence why National Nestbox Week starts on Valentine's Day annually. I've selected a few photos here depicting the toddlers' artwork produced when learning how nestboxes encourage more birds into our green spaces, allowing for the sweet sound of delicate, orchestral bird song to dance through our windows in the early morning.

Did you know that one in four bird species in the UK are endangered? Putting up a nestbox or a separate little bird feeder in any green space is a simple idea for a pleasant activity to do with kids. Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots is brimming with brilliant eco-activities; if you're interested in finding out more, see the link below.

We've sprung into the second half of term, and the children, nursery staff, and I are looking forward to seeing what the toddlers will take from my Conservation Art workshops over the next few weeks. Exciting times!

On another note, we are renovating our home, which may explain why I've been a little quiet here recently, so I apologise for this. As the days get lighter, this will change too, and more uplifting updates will flow.


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