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NEW Festive Reindeer & Turtle Dove Christmas Cards

Sketched by me and coloured in by my daughter whilst teaching her about their conservation, please see our new endearing reindeer and turtle dove Christmas cards to add to our beautifully unique selection of festive greetings cards. As verified by a talented musician friend, the correct notes for 'Two turtle doves' has been drawn in the image, so if you're into music, you'll be sure to enjoy these.

Designed and printed in-house on a carefully selected recycled card from the UK, these jolly cards are paired with recycled paper envelopes and tied with jute string. Sold as one pack of eight, with four different designs in each; two turtle doves, two reindeer, two penguins and two polar bears for £8.

As we haven't been able to see many of the people that mean the most to us this year, sending Christmas cards with love would be a sweet and heartfelt way to stay connected for Christmas 2020.

A donation of 5% of profits made from the sale of these cards will go to the Jane Goodall Institute. Visit or for more info.

If you'd like to buy more than five packs, email me for free shipping;

Did you know that turtle doves are one of Britain's most endangered species? Also, wild reindeer and Arctic caribou, which are migratory, are threatened due to climate change affecting seasonal vegetation, so they have to adapt their range to find other sources of food. Hunting and industrial development pose additional threats, as well (


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