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Zoe the Zebra

Happy International Zebra Day! Introducing Zoe the Grevy's Zebra sketched by me and coloured in by my kids, with pencils, whilst I was teaching them about zebra conservation. I added a little paint for the sky.

Why do zebras have stripes? Because they don't want to be spotted!

It's actually thought that zebras have stripes to dazzle insects, so it's hard for them to land biting and potentially infecting the zebra. So, there are smart reasons for their striking beauty too.

Grevy's zebras are found in semi-desert areas of Kenya and Ethiopia. They are endangered due to habitat loss, the competition of resources with other grazers and hunting - particularly in Ethiopia - for their beautiful skin. Over half their population has been lost in the last thirty years leaving only approximately 2,000 left in the wild, so it's worth giving the largest of all zebra species a little thought today (

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